Monday, March 1, 2010

My Inspirations in Skateboarding

For this week’s blog post, I decided to write about some of the skaters that I look up to. There are several skaters that I find to be very inspirational to kids all over the world, not only because of their talent, but there positive attitude as well.

Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod) is one of my favorite skaters simply from the fact that he’s very talented in skateboarding. I’ve met P-rod in person and he was a very calm and relaxed guy. A few of the professional skaters that I have met were very cocky and disrespectful to their fans, and I was happy to see that Paul was not like that at all. Paul inspires many skaters because of his talent and positive attitude. If you have ever seen the Mountain Dew tour on T.V most likely you have seen him on in the event. P-rod earns six-figures a years from prize money, endorsements, and simply doing what he loves to do.

Rob Dyrdek is another skater that I find to be very inspirational. Rob is willing to help out kids across the world by building skate parks with the money he makes from his T.V. show. As of now, Rob has built a few “skate plazas” across the country in areas such as Ohio and California. I went to the opening day of the skate plaza in Ohio and I was inspired by the speech he gave as he opened the park. He explained how he wants to give kids a place to skate without the hassle of security and police. I enjoy the fact that he takes some of the money he earns and uses it to help the skaters within the community.

Nyjah Huston is very inspirational to not only skaters, but to many kids across the world. He is the classic example of you can achieve any goal if you work hard enough. He has made history by becoming the youngest athlete to compete in ESPN’s X Games at the age of eleven. He competes against people twice his age, and still manages to place near the top. Nyjah is known to be the one of the, if not, the youngest professional skateboarder. He is also an inspiration because he has also created his own company, I and I skateboards. It is inspiring to see a kid so young with the talent and success he has.


  1. Wow. I was going to ask how young Rodriguez was in that photo until I got to the write-up on Huston. It's amazing how talented someone can be at a young age, and I agree with you, Antonio, that hard work is important.

    Great direction for this post; it really has a nice look to it.

  2. Rob is my man! He is the chillist guy ever! his tv shows are so funny and he does so much for other people just on tv, i can only imagine what he does for people when he isnt in the spotlight of the cameras.