Monday, March 15, 2010

What I Have Learned From Blogs

What is a blog? This abbreviated phrase come from the term “web log.” Blogs can be used for a variety of things such as a diary, journal, or a tool used to establish an on-line community providing a vast selection of topics people may be interested in. As the internet and technology progress, many people can believe that blogs are revolutionizing writing, and create a better way for people to express themselves.

Blogs are important in the world today because you can find a blog on any topic. Whether you are interested in sports, video games, or the news, you can find a blog based off any topic. Johny writes “The popularity of blogs is continuing to grow. According to recent statistics from the blog-tracking site Technorati, the blogosphere has doubled every six months for the last three years. That's 175,000 new blogs per day worldwide. Technorati added its fifty millionth blog on July 31, 2006.”

Before taking this class, I was familiar the term “blog,” but I never chose to pay any attention to them. I am interested in skateboarding, and throughout the course I choose to follow a blog on the latest news in skateboarding. I check the blog several times throughout the week, and I find it very amazing how you much effort people can put into these writings.

A good thing about blogs is that anyone can write one. Blogs are very important to shy people as well. There are several people in the world who have ideas but may be too shy to express themselves. Blogs provide the gift to allow anyone to creatively express themselves freely, where many people can read and comment on their thoughts. Many blogs often include pictures or video, which also helps the reader grasp a better understanding of what the writer is trying to say. The structure of a blog is more attractive than an essay to many viewers, and people will be more willing to spend their time reading a blog post.

Blogs are created and spread throughout the world daily, and the trend seems to grow. Many people use the internet and blogs as an alternative to the radio or newspapers, simply because they can be updated several times a day. Talbot writes,"The media, in its wonder of its instantaneous way petty thought can now reach the Web has forgotten that personal publishing on the Web has always been possible;it's now just a lot easier than before. You may access a blog on any computer, and you can stay aware of the latest news all over the world. Blogs can be very educational and resourceful. They bring vital concerns of problems that may occur in the world such as global warming and terrorism for the world to experience.

Based off of these reasons, you can see how blogs can have a significant impact on the world. This piece of technology is creating a more interesting way for people to express themselves, and enhances the ability to connect with other people’s feeling or news around the world.

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The Benefits in Life Due to Skateboarding

When you think of skateboarding, what are your feeling about the sport? To skaters, it is a way to express themselves and is an activity to do for a source of entertainment. Skateboarding can teach you important lessons in life, and it is seen as a positive activity. To many parents, however, the views on skateboarding are negative. Most of the skating that is advertised on TV today gives the idea of mindless teens that are involved with drugs and causing trouble within the community. Many people believe skating will lead to negative behavior, but these people have not experienced or learned about the positive aspects of skating.

In her blog post, “Better Parenting Through Skating,” Karen Rennie explains various reasons as to why she believes skateboarding has made her son a better person. Having people constantly question her thoughts on allowing her son to skateboard, Rennie uses this blog to explain her reasons. Karen and her husband also skateboard, so they use skateboarding as a source of togetherness. The skating keeps the family together and allows them to spend time together.

Rennie says she is writing as a response to the many people who disagree with skateboarding. She explains how people believe her son will be experiencing bad habits, such as foul language and getting into trouble, but she completely disagrees with the suggestions. Many people believe skaters are a problem in the community; these people believe skaters are rebellious teens that enjoy causing crimes. I personally believe the shows you see on MTV such as “Viva La Bam” and “Jackass” has created many negative feeling towards skateboarding, due to the reckless behavior. These shows portray skateboarding in a bad way, so people often overlook what young kids can learn from the sport.

I chose to respond to this blog because Rennie describes how skateboarding has taught her son some very important lessons about life. In previous posts from Rennie, she describes how kids can learn valuable lessons in life from skating. One lesson in particular is to work hard and to never give up.

Skateboarding is not a simple sport; it takes time for your skills to progress. You will fall, but you must get up and try again. If at first you don’t succeed, you will then realize what not to do the next time. Through my experiences, I can agree with her ideas because when I started skating, just riding down a hill was difficult. There were several times when I felt I didn’t want to skate anymore, but I kept practicing and got better. Skateboarding teaches you that the key to success is to work hard and never give up.

Rennie explains how her friends feel skating will introduce her son to irresponsible kids by leaving him at the skate park alone. Being a skater herself, Rennie knows that this is not always true. When I go to the skate park, I tend to notice the respect the young kids get when they show up. Just like in Rennie’s post, the young kids such as her son get just as much respect as anyone else.

The skate park is a very friendly community; when someone is trying a trick, the others encourage you to land it. Rennie states, “When Chris did finally land a trick he had attempted for days, the other skaters would cheer-not because he was doing something no one else could do-but because he achieved a personal best.” As long as you don’t come to the skate park with a bad attitude and behavior such as yelling at others and telling them to get out of your way, you will receive the amount of respect you deserve.

These valuable lessons in Rennie’s post portray the positive aspects of skateboarding. People such as Rennie’s friends, may disagree with the idea of skateboarding, but many times it’s due to what they see on TV. Rennie’s post is a good example of what kids can learn from the sport, and provides a better idea of skateboarding in general.

Rennie knows that many parents often look down on skating, and do not want their kids to be involved with the sport. These people overlook or do not understand how the positive aspects of skating can leave a positive impact on their child’s life. Looking deeper into skateboarding, you can see that the positive aspects outweigh the negatives. I believe that over my several years of skating, I have learned some profitable lessons of life that I know will help me in the future.
                                                                 The Rennie Family

The Fragments left in Cleveland


It was spring break of our freshman year in high school and my friends and I decided we were going on a few skate trips throughout Ohio to film for an upcoming video that we planned to complete by the summer. Our trip was planned out a few weeks prior to our break, and we were determined to make sure we had everything ready before we left.

The previous week we drove to Cincinnati, where we spent a few days cruising through skate parks and spots throughout the city. We got some good footage and this is when we scheduled the trip to Cleveland. Five of my friends and I left early in the morning on a Saturday, and a few hours later, we were there and prepared to skate.

Once we arrived, we got food and drinks before exploring the city for spots to skate. We devoted a few hours skating a skate park next to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and then we decided we were going on a search for street spots. Cleveland is full of skate spots, and within minutes of driving we found a spot that we’ve seen in a professional teams video.

Alien Workshop is a very well known company that originated in Dayton, OH, so it is common for their team to skate around the central Ohio area. The Alien Workshop team released the video Photosynthesis (2000), which featured the same spot we were standing in front of ready to skate. The spot was an eight-stair handrail. As we approached the rail, we investigated the landing for cracks or a rough landing, but everything was perfect. We made our way to the top of the stairs and were disappointed to see massive crack leading up to the railing. Many of these cracks are made intentionally to block skateboarders and bikers from attempting the railing or performing tricks down the stairs.

An Example of a handrail

Usually when we experience a problem like this, we have duck tape to cover the crack, but in this incident we came unprepared. All of my friends decided that we should go find another spot, but Jason disagreed. Jason was determined to board slide this rail, and he wasn’t anxious about hitting the crack. Jason is known to be very clumsy, and he has been injured several times. I told him not to try the rail because the spacious crack could throw him off balance, but he had no doubts about it.

Several minutes later he was sliding down the rail, which surprised us all. He was getting on the rail perfectly, but no matter what he tried, he could not land. We asked him if he was ready to film, but he replied, “let me land it a few times first.” we asked, but he insisted we wait until he landed it a few times. After about fifteen tries he landed the board slide, and he landed it again on his next attempt. We ran up to Jason to congratulate him and his smile was glistening off the blazing sun. Feeling confident in his abilities, he was ready to film and we brought out the camera.

Once we prepared the camera, my friend told me the tape only had a few minutes left of recording. Another friend offered to go buy another tape, so I offered to go along to get drinks for everyone. As we went out to buy a tape and drinks, we got lost throughout the complicated streets, so it took about twenty minutes to return.

As we arrived, we were surprised to approach a vacant handrail. We walked up to the rail and were shocked when we discovered a puddle of blood on the ground. As we looked around, none of our friends were in sight. We called their cell phones and realized all of the phones were left in the car, so we decided to walk back to where the car was originally parked. We waited at the car for a few minutes and eventually decided to go look for them.

After asking several people on our search, a man told us he saw a group of skateboarders at the Wendy’s down the street. As we entered the Wendy’s, our friends were still nowhere in sight. We began to worry because it was our responsibility to stay together. Before we left, I decided to check the bathroom and was relieved to find our friends. As we entered the bathroom, we noticed all of our friends huddled up near the mirror. I walked closer and saw a blood soaked shirt on the ground. As I approached Jason, I observed a trail of blood leading to the mirror. When Jason turned towards my direction, I focused on a stream of blood slowly trickling down from his mouth. I asked Jason what happened as he was rinsing his mouth, and he said, “You were right about that crack.”

I quickly realized what happened and asked him if he needed anything. He told me he was fine, and while he was speaking and explaining the story, I noticed his two front teeth were chipped. We all agreed that we needed to go home, and our skate trip that we put all of the preparation into abruptly ended.

I didn’t see Jason until the next week when we returned to school; his face was still slightly bruised, and I noticed his teeth had been reconstructed to perfection. It took about a week for his cuts and bruises to heal, but after six stitches and two repaired teeth, is face was restored. Later that day Jason informed me that the video had been filmed, and I was anxious to see it. We watched the video on Youtube, and I was surprised to see how bad his slam was.

After we watched the incident, he decided to submit the video to This website has a section of videos called “Wednesday Woe,” where each week the website chooses the top user-submitted video of recorded injuries. The website rewarded Jason by sending him a “get well” package which included a couple skateboards and a pair of shoes. Jason is still nervous about skating handrails, and to this day, as a joke he always asks me for my permission to try a trick.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Weekend at the Arnold Festival

For this weeks post i decided to write about my weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival. I decided to enter the Cowtown Showdown, which was the skateboarding competition that took place. I haven't skated much throughout the winter, so  after skating all day for three days straight I'm pretty exhausted.

On Friday I skated the new Skate-Naked park, where the Blueprint team and professional skater,Fred Gall were going to be skating. As we were skating the park, it was weird how friendly the pro's were. Sometimes when i  meet pro's, they don't really talk to the fans much. The Blueprint team spent time getting to know everyone and i was very surprised when the asked me if i was in school, and how I'm doing in my classes.

Cowtown Showdown Park

Saturday at the Arnold Classic was the open skate for the competitors, this was the opportunity for people to skate and become familiar with the park. The park was not what I expected, it was a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be. My friends and i spent the whole day skating the park, and we decided to leave early to view some of the other events taking place. When we arrived to the other building, we were disappointed to see many of the event were just ending. Although we didn't see many of the other events, we were able to attend the bikini contest and fitness modeling.

Sunday was the day of the competition. I arrived early in the morning to watch the beginners competition. An hour after the beginners was the Advanced(Intermediate) Competition,which was the competition I was competing in. I was told the advanced riders only had one run for a minutes and thirty second. This is when my nerves started to kick in, because you only have one chance to prove yourself. We were allowed thirty minutes to warm up, and as we skated, more viewers were coming to the event. The combination of the fact that we had one chance, and the many viewers was very nerve-wracking.

I was the second person to compete ,and when it was my turn, I had a terrible run. I only landed a few decent tricks, but I was glad I didn't fall. I knew I had blew my one chance and watched as the other competitors skated.. I was very surprised to see that not many people did very good in the advanced section, but I had not placed in the top five.

I ended up in thirteenth out of a little over thirty people,which is not bad. My two friends that i entered with placed sixth and tenth. I was a little disappointed with my performance, but besides the competition, I had a really good time at the event. There were product tosses and several mini competitions, which were very fun. I ended up skating the park after the competition with my friends, and I even got to see the man himself,Arnold Schwarzenegger. Overall i have to say it was a very good experience.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Inspirations in Skateboarding

For this week’s blog post, I decided to write about some of the skaters that I look up to. There are several skaters that I find to be very inspirational to kids all over the world, not only because of their talent, but there positive attitude as well.

Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod) is one of my favorite skaters simply from the fact that he’s very talented in skateboarding. I’ve met P-rod in person and he was a very calm and relaxed guy. A few of the professional skaters that I have met were very cocky and disrespectful to their fans, and I was happy to see that Paul was not like that at all. Paul inspires many skaters because of his talent and positive attitude. If you have ever seen the Mountain Dew tour on T.V most likely you have seen him on in the event. P-rod earns six-figures a years from prize money, endorsements, and simply doing what he loves to do.

Rob Dyrdek is another skater that I find to be very inspirational. Rob is willing to help out kids across the world by building skate parks with the money he makes from his T.V. show. As of now, Rob has built a few “skate plazas” across the country in areas such as Ohio and California. I went to the opening day of the skate plaza in Ohio and I was inspired by the speech he gave as he opened the park. He explained how he wants to give kids a place to skate without the hassle of security and police. I enjoy the fact that he takes some of the money he earns and uses it to help the skaters within the community.

Nyjah Huston is very inspirational to not only skaters, but to many kids across the world. He is the classic example of you can achieve any goal if you work hard enough. He has made history by becoming the youngest athlete to compete in ESPN’s X Games at the age of eleven. He competes against people twice his age, and still manages to place near the top. Nyjah is known to be the one of the, if not, the youngest professional skateboarder. He is also an inspiration because he has also created his own company, I and I skateboards. It is inspiring to see a kid so young with the talent and success he has.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Positives and Negatives on Skateboarding

For this weeks post I decided to write about some of my thoughts on skateboarding. There are several things I enjoy about skateboarding, but there are also a few things I wish would change.

In skateboarding, I enjoy the fact that the idea of skateboarding is being free. It’s about you and your skateboard with the possibility of an endless amount of tricks. You can skate whenever you choose to and like many other sports you can learn a lot from skating. Skating has taught me that life is not easy; this includes the classic example, if at first you don’t succeed, then try again.

In skateboarding I also enjoy the fact that anyone can do it. In skateboarding, it doesn’t matter what age, race, or gender you are, even dogs can skateboard. I find it interesting how rapidly skateboarding has spread across the world.

Some things I wish I could change would include the negative stereotypes of a skateboarder. Many people look down on skaters and believe skating is a negative activity for their children. I believe some of these negative feelings come from the skating advertised in the variety of shows on TV, such as Viva La Bam and Jackass. These shows do not portray skateboarding in a good way due to the reckless behavior.

I also wish I could change several minor aspects such as getting kicked out of spots. There are not many skate parks around Ohio that are made for “street skating.” Skating spots within the community is fun, but depending on the spot, you can get kicked out very quickly. I also wish skateboards were cheaper. In the early years of skating, a board could last you months. As you progress and begin to skate stairs and gaps, all it takes is to land in the wrong position to break a board. Without the trucks and wheels on a skateboard, the board alone will cost about 50 dollars.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Acting Debut

Many people have heard of the professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, due to his two shows in his past on MTV. Rob created the “DC Skate Plaza” in effort to give skaters a security-free environment with street spots that skaters would enjoy. The first Dc Skate Plaza was built in Rob’s hometown, Kettering Ohio.

I planned a trip with a group of friends of mine to visit the plaza during our exam week. We would all complete our exams early in the week, so we planned the trip on a Thursday. This plaza is very popular and many people drive several hours to skate there. Leaving during a school day was a good idea because the park wouldn’t be as crowded with many kids still being in school.

We left early in the morning and arrived sometime around 8 a.m. As we arrived to the plaza, we were happy to see only a few people there. We skated for about thirty minutes, until we witnessed a huge tour bus pulling up to the plaza. We originally had the idea that a professional team was going to skate the plaza, so we were all excited to see who it was. We waited for several minutes, and the first person we saw leave the bus was Big Black. If you were familiar with the hit series, “Rob and Big” on MTV, you would know that Big Black is a good friend of Rob and they always travel together. We waited a few more minutes and were shocked to see a variety professional skaters exit the bus including Rob Dyrdek, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, and Ryan Dunn from the movie “Jackass”.

The pros spent time skating with everyone at the plaza, and we had the opportunity to speak and ask questions. After speaking with Rob Dyrdek, he explained to us that they were filming a movie called “Street Dreams.” The movie was not a typical skate video, but it was an actual movie to be played in theaters. As more people arrived to the plaza, we were ordered to sit and watch as they filmed several scenes. During the last scene he asked my group of friends if we wanted to be in the background of the scene. We were so amazed yet confused, so it took us a while to register his question in our minds to give a response. We were asked to do a few tricks in the background, and that’s what we did.

The movie only displayed in select theaters, and a Bexley theater was the only place where the movie was being played in our area. We all watched the movie hoping to see our scene, and within twenty minutes, we spotted ourselves in the background. We were so excited that we jumped up and cheered during the movie. This experience was one of our greatest throughout our years of skating.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Arnold Classic Welcomes Skateboarding

The Arnold Classic” also known as ”Arnold Fitness Week” is known to be one of the most profitable bodybuilding competitions. This exposition is an annual bodybuilding competition named after Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This expo has been around since 1989, and it has taken place every year since then. The “Arnold Classic” takes place in Columbus, OH ever year, and people from all over the world travel to witness this competition.

When this event was created, bodybuilding and strongman competitions were the only events held in the expo. Over the years the event has expanded to feature a variety of sports. These sports may include anything from archery, fencing, cheerleading, or table tennis.

This year is the first year that skateboarding has been brought to the event. The event is going to be held at the Veterans Memorial on the sixth and seventh of March. Many pros will be attending the event and the well-known skate team; “Blueprint” will be judging the contests. The event will be broken down into a variety of competitions such as beginner intermediate and advanced contests as well as a best trick contest. Fans from all over the country will be attending this event to experience skateboarding at its finest.

This two-day event currently has about two hundred participants signed up for the contest. I plan to sign up by the end of the week because an entry fee of twenty dollars is required. This event attracts skaters all around the U.S. because you can win a hefty cash prize for winning. This event is also motivating because it is a good way to get your name out there. A small step such as this competition can lead to a positive future in skateboarding based off of your performance.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Skate Naked? indoor skatepark

The Flow” is the only indoor skatepark in the Columbus area. This is a fun and friendly skate park, but the park is mostly biker oriented. Many of the ramps were built for the satisfaction of bikers, and the street section for skaters is very small. These are some of the reasons as to why many skaters avoid going to this park.

About three weeks ago, it was announced that a new indoor skate park would be opening in Columbus. The name of the skate park is going to be “Skate Naked.” Although the name is humorous and misleading, it still looks as if it is going to be a great indoor skate park. The park is scheduled to open in mid-February.

Over the weekend, a few locals were invited to check out the park, and I had the privilege of skating it with a few friends. After skating and talking with the owner, I was very impressed with his ideas. The park plans to be very involved with their customers, such as having contests every other weekend with various prizes such as money and electronics. There will also be workers there to film and edit a video of your session for a reasonable cost. Over time, the owners plan to build a shop in the park to provide skate supplies, foods, and drinks.

In the winter, my friends and I would normally have to plan trips to the indoor park in Kentucky, simply because the park has consists of everything a skater would want to skate. It is going to save a lot of gas money and time having a more convenient park nearby. Another good thing about this park is how cheap it is; the cost is ten dollars for a whole day. This is a great price compared to a twelve-dollar cost for a few hours at the flow. Another great thing about this park that skaters are going to enjoy is, no bikes are allowed in the park. The skater’s in Columbus will now have a place in which they don’t have to watch out for careless bikers.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Experience With The Police

Police brutality has been a general problem throughout America, and it can be experienced in the skateboard community as well. Such violence to teens that are doing nothing more than a recreational activity is wrong and unnecessary.

Two days after my sixteenth birthday, a few friends and I decided to go skate downtown. We had just got a camera a few weeks before, so we planned to go film for a video we were working on. We decided to skate a spot that we have been to several times next to the Nationwide Arena.

Before we drove to the spot, we decided to get some drinks at a gas station, and as we left, we realized that a cop was following us. We didn't have anything to worry about, so we ignored the cop and continued to the spot. As we were pulling into the Nationwide Arena parking lot, we looked back and we shocked to see the cop still behind us. He immediately turned the sirens on and we stopped the car.

"Where's the weed at," was the first words to come out the officers mouth. Our friend in the back seat giggled and the cop ordered us to get out of the car and sit on the curb. My friend asked the officer if we did anything wrong, and the cop pushed him to the ground, calling him a “smart ass.” As the cop proceeded to search the car, we all looked at each other, questioning whether or not this was some sort of TV show prank.

After a ten-minute search, the cop returned to the curb empty handed. He then began to ask each of us several questions as he went down the line, and then it was my turn. I’ve never had to deal with the cops, so I was very nervous; when he asked me my age, I replied, "15 sir.........uh I mean 16." Although my birthday just past, I was still used to saying my age was fifteen.

This answer really irritated the cop, and he told me to stand up. He proceeded by putting me in handcuffs and placing me in the back of his car. After searching the rest of my friends, he let me go and gave us a bullshit excuse as to why he pulled us over; We didn't turn on our blinker the proper distance away from the turn.

Based off this experience, I get nervous every time a cop is around. Cops have the power to pull you over for anything, and there is nothing you and do about it. Even though the cop didn't act violently towards us , I believe the cop was abusing his power to scare us.  Although he claimed he was pulling us over for the blinker, it was clear that the cop was profiling and assuming that a group of teenagers were into drugs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Early Years of Skating

Prior to skateboarding, I would enjoy the sport only by watching it on the t.v, or watching my friend’s. I would only watch skateboarding and think to myself it would be something fun to learn. I was introduced to skateboarding during my freshman year in high school. A good friend of mine got into skating a few months before our freshman year, and during the first week of school he got a new skateboard. He gave me his old board and insisted that I should get into skating. I was hesitant at first, thinking I could not learn a sport such as skateboarding, but I have been skating ever since.

The first year of skateboarding, we would skate behind a Wal-Mart within walking distance of our neighborhood. The area was very plain; there was nothing there but the cement ground covered by a large green roof. We named the area,” The Green,” based off the roof, and we would skate there for hours everyday. “The Green” was a good place to skate because it was covered with a roof so we had a place to skate when it rained, it was behind the store so there were no cars or pedestrians to look out for, and the best thing about skating here was nobody cared if we were back there.

We did not know this at first, but “The Green” was used by police as a speed trap to catch speeders going through the area. There were several incidents where we would be skating and cops would pull up, and as we began to pack up and leave, the cops insisted that we stay. We were very surprised to hear this, but we continued to skate while the cops watched us as entertainment. The cops would occasionally talk to us and they allowed us to skate the area as long as they didn’t have any complaints by the workers, or we didn’t trash the place.

We continued to skate the spot for over a years, bringing rails, boxes and building several ramps. Once one of us got our license, we spent our time skating several spots and skate parks around Columbus. To this day we still skate The Green on rainy days and we were glad to have the privilege of having an area in which we had to ourselves.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding can be described in several ways such as an recreational activity, an art-form, a sport, a job, or simply just a method of transportation. Skateboarding is a popular activity that children, adults, men, and women can enjoy. Skateboarding originated in the late 1950's in California. It is said that skateboarding was created by surfers who were looking for an alternative when the waves were uncooperative. With a few simple modifications to a surf board, skateboards were created. In the early 1960's skateboards were being sold in America. Skateboards were very popular for a few years, but in the mid 1960's many stores stopped selling skateboards because they felt it was too dangerous and unsafe. This is when the sport entered its first slump. In the early 1970's a man by the name of Larry Stevenson invented the first "kicktail" skateboard. The kicktail introduced concave skateboards which brought some of the first tricks into skateboarding, such as the ollie and kickflip. The late 70's and early 80's was a large growth stage in skateboarding, magazines and videos were created, concrete skateparks were built throughout the U.S.,skate shops were built and vert skating was very popular. The 80's generation was very important for skateboarding because this is when many pro's were recognized such as Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero. Towards the end of the 80's, skateboarding shifted it's focus onto street skating such as stairs, gaps and rails.  The 90's is what made skateboarding what it is today. A variety of tricks , teams, and companies were brought to the skateboarding community. Skateboarding increased it's popularity when it was displayed in the first ESPN (Extreme) X Games in 1995. The impact of media coverage has helped skateboarding become what it is today by raising the general image of skateboarding , and this has moved skateboarding from an underground sport to a spectator sport over the past years. Today skateboarding is still very popular, you can see it on t.v., magazines, and movies. It has become more than just a hobby to people, some people earn money and can make enough money to live a great life from skateboarding. Due to these changes in skateboarding, a pro can make anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month just from doing what they love to do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome To My Blog

I am writing this blog about skateboarding, I plan on explaining how i got into skateboarding and how skateboarding has affected my life throughout the years. I plan to describe my experiences that i have been through throughout my years of skating, such as being kicked out of spots from security and the police. I also plan to discuss some other topics including injuries I have experienced, some of the various tricks and products in skateboarding, and some news going on in the skateboard community. I will be giving my opinion on the various skateparks and skate shops around the Columbus, Ohio area. Some people view skaters as rebellious teens who always want to start trouble, so in my blog i want to express my ideas on the stereotypes of a skater. The skateboarding population has been growing steadily throughout the years, and skateboarding has expanded all over the world, so in my blog I will be going to explain some of the history of skateboarding. Throughout my posts on this blog I want to describe my feelings on skateboarding, and why i believe skateboarding has been a very important part of my life.