Monday, February 8, 2010

The Arnold Classic Welcomes Skateboarding

The Arnold Classic” also known as ”Arnold Fitness Week” is known to be one of the most profitable bodybuilding competitions. This exposition is an annual bodybuilding competition named after Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This expo has been around since 1989, and it has taken place every year since then. The “Arnold Classic” takes place in Columbus, OH ever year, and people from all over the world travel to witness this competition.

When this event was created, bodybuilding and strongman competitions were the only events held in the expo. Over the years the event has expanded to feature a variety of sports. These sports may include anything from archery, fencing, cheerleading, or table tennis.

This year is the first year that skateboarding has been brought to the event. The event is going to be held at the Veterans Memorial on the sixth and seventh of March. Many pros will be attending the event and the well-known skate team; “Blueprint” will be judging the contests. The event will be broken down into a variety of competitions such as beginner intermediate and advanced contests as well as a best trick contest. Fans from all over the country will be attending this event to experience skateboarding at its finest.

This two-day event currently has about two hundred participants signed up for the contest. I plan to sign up by the end of the week because an entry fee of twenty dollars is required. This event attracts skaters all around the U.S. because you can win a hefty cash prize for winning. This event is also motivating because it is a good way to get your name out there. A small step such as this competition can lead to a positive future in skateboarding based off of your performance.


  1. I have been to the "The Arnold Classic" It is a fun experiance. I learned a lot and got a lot of free fitness things. it is just amazing how many people come to "The Arnold Classic". I could always see Skateboarding being apart of "The Arnold Classic". SO it should bring more people in to "The Arnold Classic".

  2. Thats sweet that you are going to enter. My football coach goes up to watch everything. If you are going up to skate I might go up with him to watch it. I have never been to the classic before. I didn't even know what it was about. i thought it was just for lifting, but i guess it has many different sports and now its going to have skateboarding. when is the Arnold classic? I might go.

  3. Good question, Tucker; it would have been a good idea for Antonio to mention the dates of the Expo here (it meets the first weekend of March, by the way).

    Aside from the missing date, another great post, Antonio! This blog certainly has the feel of a blog, as you have a clear focus and write about your subject in multiple dimensions and fairly creatively.

    You'll have to follow up and tell us how you did!