Monday, February 1, 2010

Skate Naked? indoor skatepark

The Flow” is the only indoor skatepark in the Columbus area. This is a fun and friendly skate park, but the park is mostly biker oriented. Many of the ramps were built for the satisfaction of bikers, and the street section for skaters is very small. These are some of the reasons as to why many skaters avoid going to this park.

About three weeks ago, it was announced that a new indoor skate park would be opening in Columbus. The name of the skate park is going to be “Skate Naked.” Although the name is humorous and misleading, it still looks as if it is going to be a great indoor skate park. The park is scheduled to open in mid-February.

Over the weekend, a few locals were invited to check out the park, and I had the privilege of skating it with a few friends. After skating and talking with the owner, I was very impressed with his ideas. The park plans to be very involved with their customers, such as having contests every other weekend with various prizes such as money and electronics. There will also be workers there to film and edit a video of your session for a reasonable cost. Over time, the owners plan to build a shop in the park to provide skate supplies, foods, and drinks.

In the winter, my friends and I would normally have to plan trips to the indoor park in Kentucky, simply because the park has consists of everything a skater would want to skate. It is going to save a lot of gas money and time having a more convenient park nearby. Another good thing about this park is how cheap it is; the cost is ten dollars for a whole day. This is a great price compared to a twelve-dollar cost for a few hours at the flow. Another great thing about this park that skaters are going to enjoy is, no bikes are allowed in the park. The skater’s in Columbus will now have a place in which they don’t have to watch out for careless bikers.

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  1. Nice post, Antonio. Is the picture of Skate Naked or The Flow? The implication by including the picture without a caption is that it is one of those two, but I'm not sure which.